Mindful Eating Retreat: Making Peace with Food

Mindful Eating Retreat: Making Peace with Food


Join Jennifer Hnat, plant-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Mindful Eating Facilitator for the Am I Hungry? Program for this mindful living day retreat curated to help you cultivate simple mindful eating skills to help jumpstart your new year in the right direction. If you are ready to delete guilt and shame around food, elevate your nutrition knowledge, release trendy diets for good, and heal your relationship with your body while learning how to navigate the new year in a healthy manner then this retreat is for you! Immerse yourself in a day of mindful exploration and yoga and a delicious plant-based organic meal to reconnect to your inner peace, wisdom and joy for a more balanced and healthy 2019.

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Retreat Highlights:

• Discover simple steps to start your mindful eating journey

• Delete diet behaviors, beliefs and make peace with food forever

• Understand the truth about why trendy diets don’t work for you long-term

• Learn how to reconnect to your innate gut wisdom and internal eating cues without rules

• Rebuild your confidence around nutrition and nourishing your body without overeating

• Rediscover true satisfaction in eating again, including your favorite or forbidden foods!

Step-by-step guidelines and interactive activities to cultivate healthier intuitive and mindful eating skills

Practice your new mindful eating skills with a delicious organic, plant-based culinary creation

• Restore your body and spirit with a Mindful Movement Yoga class with Amanda Trevelino

Unwind in the new year with others on a blissful journey to true food peace, joyful eating and mindful movement!

If you are ready to let go of your food struggle for good, you owe it to yourself to reconnect to the intuitive wisdom you are born with while learning about mindful eating skills to make peace with food (finally!). Imagine what it feels like to experience the healthiest new year of your life while deleting destructive habits around food and your body!

Give yourself the gift of health and wellness to feel in charge of food and your health instead of feeling out of control!  This is an intimate, interactive retreat and space is limited.  Kindly sign up early to reserve your spot.

Questions: please contact Jennifer at 404-353-3482.

Nutrition Atlanta Retreats:  Empowering people to proactively address mindless eating habits and delete diet behaviors for good. Reconnect to your inner eating wisdom and nourish your body from the inside out for your healthiest new year ever.