day # 22



Today I will work on my personal mindful eating weakness.

We are roughly one week away from the end of  this 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge and I’m so excited about the changes you are making!  If you are willing to let go of any judgment and just explore your WHY, why you eat, the emotions that trigger you to eat, that inner dialog and/or personal wisdom  - that can open the healing space for your relationship with food (take a deep breath, I just did typing this because sitting in your emotions can be super challenging!)

Today I encourage you to really get out of your comfort zone.  Choose one or more mindful eating skills that you have  struggled with over the past 3+ weeks and work on it again today.  For me it’s sitting down at the table in a chair any time  I eat.  I’m so guilty of snacking at the kitchen counter while prepping food, but during the challenge I’ve been moving to the table more.  In my head the dialog is “I don’t have time” but the reality is it takes the same amount of time, maybe 5 minutes more.  I think I can give myself an extra 5 minutes to nourish my body and eat at the table instead of taking bigger bites at the counter and not truly tasting my food.  It feels rushed and like I’ve missed the opportunity to truly enjoy my food.  It feels better to sit down, look at my food, close my eyes for the first bite, and truly explore the flavors and textures my food.  When I stand at the counter I am not 100% enjoying the food.  I am not 100% nourishing my body.

Ok, go tackle your personal challenge and observe any changes from day one!  You're doing better than you think you are!


comfort zone challenge .png


Decide what Mindful Habit you want to work on.  Perhaps it’s stopping and breathing before you eat, taking smaller bites, chewing each bite until it is the consistency of applesauce, putting your fork down between bites,  perhaps you want to give thanks or set an intention for your food to give you energy to power through your day.  Whatever you’ve struggled with - today that is your challenge.  Enjoy the process of refining your Mindful Eating habit that needs more attention.  

Which do you want: the pain of staying right where you are, or the pain of growth?