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Cacao Tofu Mousse {V}

One of my fave fitness instructors use to say “tofuuuuuwwwww”. Nose turned up. Voice inflection = pure disgust. Utter hatred. I get it, tofu can be weird and it has a funky texture if ya don’t know how to work with it!

The first time I had tofu was when I was living in Hawaii: is healthy cafe in Honolulu used to sell a tofu, tomato and alfalfa sprouts sandwich. I remember patting myself on the back thinking, I’m so healthy eating this because my guy-pal from Southern Cal used to eat it after he went surfing. So I adapted my taste buds all in the name of health. ‘Cuz I was far from healthy but wanted to be…

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Infinity Yoga [YogaWorks] in Old Fourth Ward

Lately yoga has been calling my name.   It does that when I take too long of a break from it.  My body craves it and says, okay, enough is enough please do some stretching, postures, and breathing!  I've been riding my bike on the Atlanta Belt Line 1-2 times a week, which I love.  I'm shocked that it's the end of June and I'm still able to exercise outdoors without passing out.  The humidity has been super low this year and I'm loving it.  I got addicted to that San Diego weather we had in May!

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