Can Mindless Eating Trigger Extra Weight for Life?

I realize this may seem a bit premature to many people because it’s mid-October and I’m already talking about how mindless eating can lead to feeling out of control with food and holiday weight gain. Ugh gross right? Halloween is still 2 weeks away.

But the reality is that inconsistent food choices or yo-yo’ing back and forth on diets then off diets can trigger health issues including permanent weight gain for life (I’m more concerned about the health issues). This is not just during the holiday season, it can actually happen any time of the year.

In case ya didn’t know it, yo-yo dieting is bad, bad news. Dieting is bad, bad news.

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I’ve been in a weird funk.

This year has proven to be quite challenging in so. many. ways.  And I know I’m not the only person experiencing personal struggles.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing them from a “why me?” perspective OR you have the choice to reflect inward, observe your thoughts about the situation and ask “how can I grow, evolve or change from this experience?”  

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Jennifer Hnat
Cacao Tofu Mousse {V}

One of my fave fitness instructors use to say “tofuuuuuwwwww”. Nose turned up. Voice inflection = pure disgust. Utter hatred. I get it, tofu can be weird and it has a funky texture if ya don’t know how to work with it!

The first time I had tofu was when I was living in Hawaii: is healthy cafe in Honolulu used to sell a tofu, tomato and alfalfa sprouts sandwich. I remember patting myself on the back thinking, I’m so healthy eating this because my guy-pal from Southern Cal used to eat it after he went surfing. So I adapted my taste buds all in the name of health. ‘Cuz I was far from healthy but wanted to be…

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Atlanta’s Great Yoga Wall Studio -- All Life Is Yoga {Inman Park}

I am ashamed that I let yoga fall out of my life for so long.  

There was a time where I practiced yoga every. day. every day. every day.  And then life got in the way. Can you relate?

The thing is, like all healthy habits, is that they can definitely cycle back around. You can add them back into your life.  And my feeling on the matter is that it gives you tremendous perspective. In this case, with yoga, I go through periods where I’m dedicated to the practice.  And then it might get “easy” and I can lose interest in things that feel easy. I know, I’m weird but I need to be challenged the majority of the time. And when I don’t feel like that’s happening, my interest can fizzle.  

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Jennifer HnatAll Life Is Yoga
☆ Baker Dude Cafe at The Beacon in Grant Park ☆

New Atlanta restaurant opening alert! Baker Dude Cafe at The Beacon has opened and serves not only the best vegan and paleo cupcakes, but also healthy bites at this Grant Park hip eatery. When Orran aka Baker Dude asked me to create healthy menu items for his cafe I bolted to the kitchen to re-create my favorite menu items and do a tasting. I KNOW healthy!

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August = Sabbatical

Over a decade ago I started to recognize a personal trend.  

August sucked. As in, this was the time of year, for an entire month, that I truly struggled.  I hated being in Atlanta. It’s miserably hot, school is starting so traffic is trying to get in sync, clients are constantly rescheduling appointments and it’s just a hot mess.

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The BEST Blueberry Lavender Smoothie

Yesterday I popped into Trader Joe’s because I’ve seen cauliflower gnocchi posts and I’ve been super curious about that (see post coming soon).  You know how TJ has food & coffee samples in the back by the deli meats? Well the Midtown location was offering vanilla granola with blueberry lavender milk!  Good GAWD! I usually don’t eat food samples because of my sensitive belly and honestly if I want something and can eat it mindfully without guilt, then I’m game.  This checked that box today because I was super curious about the MILK!

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✧ Upbeet Repeat ✧

Anyone who really knows me is aware of my profound and undying love for Upbeet.  Ever since they opened on the West-side (insert gang sign throwing emoji here) almost a year ago, I’ve been a regular there. Since I live across 75 in Midtown, I don’t frequent it as much as I would like to.  Which is ridiculous because I’m like, only 10 minutes away.

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