How to Make Peace With Food

Mindful and intuitive eating is without a doubt, the most important yet underutilized health strategy available. Everyday people struggle mindless eating: eating because they are bored, depressed, lonely, stressed, or for any reason other than true physical hunger. But there is hope!

If you battle with an unbalanced relationship with food and/or your body, this is the therapeutic approach to explore and heal any irregular eating habits, beliefs, patterns and thoughts as well as disordered eating behaviors (binge-eating, purging, restricting).

Mindfulness is this concept of paying attention to what’s going on internally + externally in the present moment to help you understand why you do what you do with food. This awareness enables you to delete or edit any eating behaviors, in the moment, instead of hitting repeat on old habits that seem hard to change. Intuitive eating is a way of nourishing the body by connecting to your innate belly wisdom while listening to your true hunger and fullness cues.

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Jennifer HnatNutrition Atlanta
It's Monday the biggest diet day of the week.

It’s Monday… The day most people start their diet. Did you know that 45M, that’s 45 MILLION Americans go on a diet every year according to the Washington Post 2018 stats. Yikes. Let’s break down the math shall we? If there are 52 weeks in a year then there is approximately 52 Monday’s a year. Fair enough?

That means that today, it’s possible that over 865,000 people started a diet today….

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The BEST dip recipe EVER!

Have I got a recipe to share with YOU that is shamefully overdue! If you love peppers and walnuts, I promise that this will become your default dip to serve to house guests or any gathering where you bring a dish. It elicits an instant “ohmiGAWD what is this” type of…

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I just met the creative genius behind TinyDoorsATL!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you had some down time to recharge for fall. We invited the neighbors over last night for a movie night on the lawn. Essentially we set up a projector on the garage door and watched…

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Good Day Atlanta Back to School Breakfast Episode

We’ve all heard the expression that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? This is especially true when it comes to your kids as they head back to school and require food to fuel their energy needs and learning abilities.   

But for some working moms, creating a healthy breakfast in the morning can feel like additional stress to get ready, walk the dog, whip up many meals and get the crew out the door on time. With a pinch of planning, breakfast can jumpstart your kids day with

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Jennifer Hnat
A Vacation called Quest

Hiya Nutrition Atlanta fans... I’m still trying to process my trek out west and its shocking that it was three weeks ago.  I lived in North Hollywood when I was a wee tot and have always had a strong affinity for the West Coast.  Give me sand, salt water, and sunsets to make my soul happy on a cellular, very primal level.

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8Arm... my new default restaurant!

Have you ever wondered how fast time flies… yeah that was me tonight when I realized that we have just NOW experienced this restaurant which is less than a mile from our house and has been open for 3 years?  HOW does that happen?

It’s because we’ve gotten into the habit of eating at the same ol’ same ol’ without exploring all the amazing new restaurants Atlanta has to offer. More unfortunate than our lazy restaurant defaults is that the previous chef passed shortly after…

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Be the Change you Wish to See in the World....

I feel it’s our responsibility to do good in the world #OprahGoals and that our acts of generosity, kindness and love have a definite impact on the fabric of humanity.  So why (!!!), how could this trafficking be a thing I innocently thought.  It still plagues me that in my hometown of all places, the FBI has declared #ATL to be among the worst cities in the country for human trafficking.  In fact, Atlanta is the number one city with the highest Sex Economy Income at a staggering $290 million…

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Keto Casualties are a real thing...

This week I ran into two, no three keto casualties… people who did keto and then gained weight after then went back to

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