✧ Upbeet Repeat ✧

Anyone who really knows me is aware of my profound and undying love for Upbeet.  Ever since they opened on the West-side (insert gang sign throwing emoji here) almost a year ago, I’ve been a regular there. Since I live across 75 in Midtown, I don’t frequent it as much as I would like to.  Which is ridiculous because I’m like, only 10 minutes away.

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✧ Why I am embracing a low FODMAPS diet  ✧

The first time I heard about this “diet” I have to admit, I was less than interested.  First of all I couldn’t pronounce it, and quite honestly it wasn't a personal concern because this diet is for people who suffer from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.  Oh you’ve seen the commercial for the drug Viberzi, it’s brilliant and makes me laugh.  It shouldn’t, but shamefully it does [if you haven’t seen this commercial then google it].

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Infinity Yoga [YogaWorks] in Old Fourth Ward

Lately yoga has been calling my name.   It does that when I take too long of a break from it.  My body craves it and says, okay, enough is enough please do some stretching, postures, and breathing!  I've been riding my bike on the Atlanta Belt Line 1-2 times a week, which I love.  I'm shocked that it's the end of June and I'm still able to exercise outdoors without passing out.  The humidity has been super low this year and I'm loving it.  I got addicted to that San Diego weather we had in May!

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My Love of Leftovers

I love leftovers.  I mean, love.  They make a quick meal without much planning or thought and come together for me in less than 5 minutes.  Maybe six, tops.

Problem is, my other half is not/Hnat a big fan.

Regardless, when I dine out, my secret is to over-order and take home the extra to repurpose.  Sometimes I just eat as is, or create a new meal.

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Cashew Cauliflower Mac & Cheese [V, GF]

Without a doubt, mac and cheese is a top three comfort food, if not jockeying for the numero uno slot for a lot of people.  In college I used to make boxed mac and cheese. It was cheap and easy. As a nutrition major I felt it was only right to doctor it up a bit:  add chopped grilled chicken [before I gave it up for good] and add some sort of leafy green like spinach. This was before kale became the superstar leafy green that it is today.  

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Healthier than Nutella [GF, V]

I cleaned out the refrigerator from top to bottom yesterday and found about a tablespoon of homemade cacao butter I made during the holidays.  This inspired me to create this Hazelnut Spread but you don't need it to make this.  I tend to throw things in a blender, food processor, or bowl and just taste as I go along.  The Nutella tasted better the next day after the flavors started to meld.

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